Brent Carter Loves the University of Texas

Brent Carter Victoria Tx is a professional who is part of a show that’s called Wade and Carter. He’s one of its namesakes as well. Carter is a native of Victoria, Texas. He was an avid sports lover as a youngster. He remains a dedicated sports enthusiast to this day as well. Brent Carter met Ash Wade while they were working alongside each other before. This brought on the beginning of a strong working collaboration. They’re buddies, too.

Although Carter comes from Victoria, his existence actually started in Corpus Christi. He relocated back to Victoria in order to enjoy a pleasant upbringing. He graduated from Victoria High School back at the start of the eighties. Other schools he went to are both Howell Middle School and Smith Elementary School. He enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin as an eager and enthusiastic young adult. He graduated from the institution of higher learning in 1986 equipped with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in finance.

Carter has had quite a successful career in his field so far. He was employed as an effective insurance agent for more than a quarter of a century. He’s served as an insurance agent in all different parts of Texas as well. He’s happily worked in Rockport, The Valley, Dallas and even Houston.

Since Carter adores sports and athletics in general so much, it’s no surprise that he’s committed to a handful of big teams. These teams are the Spurs, Astros and Cowboys. He also has a penchant for the University of Texas and its diverse associations.

Carter is always hard at work thinking about how to improve. He still manages to be a caring and thoughtful father, though. He has three children. They all do quite well for themselves in athletics as well. They’re named Kyle, Katie and, last but not least, Kendall. Kendall played basketball in the past. Katie played volleyball, too. It’s no shocker that these people inherited their father’s pure adoration for the athletic world and all that it can offer everyone.

This efficient professional has many pastimes that make him happy. They’re hunting, fishing and playing golf. He has a blast talking about the Longhorns as well. He doesn’t ever say no to the opportunity to talk about his fantastic education at the University of Austin.

Carter likes to post his thoughts on social media. He has had an account with a prominent social networking site that’s known as Twitter for quite some time. He set up this account back in the fall of 2012. He goes above and beyond to post tweets frequently. His tweets go into all kinds of interesting subjects. He talks about education, the news, social topics and more. His followers always love to hear what he has to say about important and pressing issues of all kinds.

Carter’s love of his family is 100 percent apparent to everyone. His Twitter page is full of delightful pictures of all the individuals he appreciates the most in the world.